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More fine restaurants from the Bohlsen Restaurant Group.


Prime — An American Kitchen and Bar is among one of the finest restaurants not just on Long Island, or in New York, but in the world. Under one roof, diverse menus combine classic favorites with modern twists to be savored in surroundings of equally balanced contrasts with a striking décor.

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Tellers was created to provide patrons with a truly great American chophouse menu combined with American cuisine and local seafood dishes in an atmosphere that is at once classic and contemporary.

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From the Latin root, Veritas “truth”, the literal translation of Verace is “truthful” and both the design and menu at Verace is true to its Italian heritage.

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From the very essence of the ocean comes a dramatically different new restaurant, inspired by the seafood of the world and infused with a spirit that’s fresh, refreshing and totally modern.

Long Island’s most highly evolved new seafood grill is, most certainly, a gathering place for the top of the food chain.

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A Long Island tradition of food, family, friends, and fun.

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